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At TMI we can help you master challenges and leverage opportunities with unique expertise in our 4 Key Focus Areas

TMI Ireland has the unique skill to communicate and deploy high level concepts through inspiring and easily comprehensible messages to people at all levels of an organisation
TMI Ireland has the unique competence to use inspiration as a catalyst to overcome resistance to change, facilitate the transformation process and shape the organisational culture
TMI Ireland has the unique ability to instill a newvitality and purpose at every level of an organisation and to mobilise everyone's energy towards the achievement of the organisation's goals

To celebrate 40 years in business, TMI has published 'SHIFT!', documenting over 30 Change Initiatives with clients around the world.

Approximately 70% of change efforts fail because people have not been engaged in the process!

In Shift!, consultants from around the world share their experience with over thirty clients, helping both exuberant and sometimes resistant leaders through the process of cultural change by focusing on the human side of organisational transformation. A practical book for practical people, Shift! will help keep your business relevant, stay ahead of the competition, and establish a winning culture.


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Testimonials from TMI's recent work

Ciaran Burke - Vice President - Operations Quality - Commscope
Click on pic to hear Ciaran describe how TMI helped Commscope build a Personal Quality Culture and see some powerful benefits across their manufacturing processes
Darragh McGillicuddy - International Hospitality Consultant - Luxury Cruise Company
Hear from Irishman Darragh Mc Gillicuddy, as he describes how TMI has helped a luxury cruise company establish and deliver the highest standards of Service Excellence